About 2G Engineering

2G Engineering provides innovative solutions in the world of subsea electric motion control systems and power conversion. Our engineering team has extensive experience in subsea electrical and mechanical design.

Our engineering services include 3D/CAD design, finite element analysis, prototyping, mechanical and electro-mechanical designing, analog/digital circuit designing, PCB layout, embedded firmware, general software, production consulting and sourcing, training/installation documentation, and maintenance and support services.

A History of Engineering Expertise

  • 20213000 Rotary Release

    Our 3000R series actuator provides additional speed and torque options. Its rugged design is well-suited for a wide variety of applications.
  • 2018In-House Passivating

    Brought stainless steel passivation process in-house to improve manufacturing workflow.
  • 2016AS9100 Certification

    Our AS9100 certification validates that we adhere to the highest level of quality for our products and processes.
  • 2016Linear Position Sensor Development

    This all-new product provides precise underwater measurements to < .001".
  • 2015Evolution of Subsea Design Experience

    In 2015, we began developing an all-new subsea 5kv motor soft starter.
  • 2014Moved to New Location

    In 2014, we expanded and moved to our new office and manufacturing facility.
  • 2012Expanded Subsea Actuators' Features

    First subsea actuator with integral servo drive and feedback system.
  • 2009Lithium Battery Monitoring

    The design of our first lithium battery monitoring system was rolled out.
  • 2007Underwater Actuators

    In 2007, we offered our first underwater actuator designs.
  • 2006Subsea Tooling

    We introduced our first subsea tooling software system in 2006.
  • 2005 2G Engineering Founded

    We incorporated in 2005 by founder Hal Glenn.

At 2G Engineering, we excel at the mechanical design of subsea rotary and linear actuators. These mechanical engineering services include 3D Modeling & CAD drawings, Finite Element Analysis (FEA), gear design, and prototyping.


In addition to our subsea actuators, 2G Engineering designs automation systems, feedback systems, manufacturing plant control, distributed networks, and product industrial design for a variety of niches.


2G Engineering's electrical design capabilities extend to digital circuits, embedded systems, analog systems, power metering, motor drives, power electronics, and battery systems. Much of this design technology can be found within our highly-capable actuators!

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