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The 3000 Series Rotary Actuator can deliver a peak force of 120 ft-lb and peak speed of 50 RPM making it well-suited for a wide variety of applications including process control such as actuation of process control valves, control surface actuation, and underwater winches. The unit may be operated in a variety of harsh environments including subsea to a depth of over 6,000m.

The 3000 series has an industry standard ISO 5211 F07 mounting flange and customizable output shaft with a right-angle gearbox option. Like all 2G actuator products, it has a fully integrated servo drive with absolute position feedback. The 3000R series has an LED light ring around the perimeter of the unit to provide operator feedback such as shaft position, unit speed, or unit status. The unit can be configured to operate from 24V DC up to 300V DC with your choice of several popular connectors. Material options are titanium, stainless steel, and anodized aluminum. Standard communication interfaces are available: RS-232, RS-485, CANBUS, Ethernet, and analog. The 3000R series supports a variety of communication protocols including 2G packet protocol, Modbus, and CANopen. Additionally, 2G provides example frameworks to help integrate the units into customer products.

2G Engineering is an AS9100 certified organization.

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Operating Conditions

Speed & Output Force

<h3>Output Force</h3>

Output Force

Maximum rotational force: 120 foot pounds @ 5 RPM

Continuous rotational force: 65 foot pounds @ 20 RPM

<h3>Maximum Speed</h3>

Maximum Speed

50 rpm @24V

Standard maximum speed output is 50 RPM. Other configurations are available contact 2G for more information.

<h3>Intelligent Rotary Motion</h3>

Intelligent Rotary Motion

Each unit is a fully integrated servo system. The user simply connects power and commands the unit to move to a position. At power up, the unit will know the revolution count and exact angle to which it is oriented. There is no need to calibrate or home the units due to the integrated absolute encoders on the output shaft. The servo drive features a motion profiler system to control velocity and acceleration and allows the operator a great deal of flexibility with the system motion control. Additionally, if needed, the user can adjust the servo systems gains to maximize performance for their application.

Onboard Servo Motor Drive

All 2G actuator products have integrated servo drives. These minimize the need for external systems to operate the unit. Most commonly, the units are connected to an external application host such as a PC, microcontroller or PLC system to command the units. If needed, the units can be configured to close a process control loop using an analog input, or receive an operator input in the form of a trigger signal to move to different preset positions. All 2G servo drives can be customized for user or application specific features, and have field upgradeable software.

The 3000R rotary actuator contains our 2nd generation servo controller connected to a 500 watt drive amplifier. The system features an absolute rotary encoder, accurate to 0.1 degrees with the ability to retain revolution count across power interruptions. Features of the integrated servo drive system include configurable motion profiling, velocity control, position control, gain scheduling, and cascaded servo PID control loops for position and velocity. The units come pre-tuned for stability for a majority of applications so the user does not have to adjust these parameters unless needed, while allowing flexibility for demanding applications. This makes our products easy to set up and integrate into your system.

The units use a contactless non-wearing absolute position angular encoder and do not require homing.

Rugged Durable Design


2G Engineering has been building subsea motion systems since 2008. With 10's of thousands of hours of combined run time on our products subsea, we have a proven track record for use in harsh environments. The 3000 series has been designed to mate up with a standard ISO 5211 F07 mounting flange and customizable output shaft. A right-angle gearbox option is available. The units can be configured to operate from 24V DC up to 300V DC and have options for different subsea rated or industrial-specific electrical connectors.


User-Configurable Firmware

Testing & Verification

Relentlessly tested and proven under pressure

In our spacious 5500 square foot manufacturing and testing area, we are able to rigorously test our rotary and linear actuators in simulated subsea conditions, including temperatures as low as -50 C and pressures exceeding 5000 PSI.

Every product we manufacture undergoes a comprehensive Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) before leaving our facility. Our typical process includes verifying electrical and mechanical functionality, force and torque measurements, and a break-in period. A copy of the test records are included with each unit.

In addition to our standard FAT procedures, we also offer more extensive options, such as shock and vibration, environmental exposure, and endurance testing. Contact us and we will be happy to adapt our procedures to meet your requirements.

Housing Materials

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