Subsea Products

Rotary Actuators

With a variety of highly configurable rotary actuator models, 2G Engineering can deliver the rotary motion system you need. Whether your application requires precise angular positioning, an acceleration bounded movement, or just a simple 90 degree rotation to turn a ball valve, our rotary actuators have you covered.

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Linear Actuators

With a wide range of output forces and lengths, our linear actuators really get you moving. Integrated position sensing with +- .005" resolution, on-board servo controls for jerk-free movement, and an integrated motor drive allows our products to do what others can't.

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Subsea Power Supply

Our power supplies bring advanced features to the table that no others do. They are designed to be able to run fully immersed in oil at pressure (PBOF operation) or in air. They also include built-in isolation monitoring, power measurement, serial control via MODBUS, and integrated system status displays.

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Subsea Hydraulic
Pressure Unit (HPU)

Our compact subsea hydraulic pressure units can be tailored to our customers exacting pressure and flow requirements. Closed loop flow control allows the units to dynamically respond to command signals and allows a flexibility in system control in ways that traditional fixed speed systems are not able to provide.

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Not Seeing What You Need? We Can Design & Build Custom Solutions!

Our talented team of engineers is able to design actuators to meet your exacting specifications. We are able to assist you every step of the way, from project conception to in-house testing and verification to deployment.

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