Rotary Actuators with a Wide Range of Capabilities

2G Engineering offers three standard families of subsea electric rotary actuators, each precision-engineered to be reliable and perform under harsh conditions.

All rotary actuators from 2G Engineering are fully integrated. This means to operate them one only needs to provide power and a command signal. Power is supplied via a single electrical connector, and the units don't need external oil filled hoses, compensators, motor drivers, servo controllers, or sensors.

The rotary actuators can be controlled via a simple, open / close signal, a proportional analog input signal, or a full serial datastream. The units can output their status and position via analog outputs and serial data. Actuator movement commands can be as simple as sending an "On" command followed by a "Move to setpoint" command. More advanced control options that are supported include:

Configurable Tuning

Customized tuning for aggressive position seeking or for slower ramp rates.

Contactless Positioning

Contactless, non-wearing, positioning system with .02 degree accuracy.

Configurable Stops

Configurable internal end stops, or free spinning with turn counter.

Software Configurable

Set software configurable current limits, power outputs, and rotation speed.

2G Engineering Rotary Actuators