• Product Overview

    Like all 2G Engineering actuators, the 6000 Series rotary actuator family has fully integrated positioning feedback and motor control systems. The angular measurement system on the units never needs calibration or “homing” on power on.

    The 6000 series is available in high torque and high speed versions. An integrated, multi-stage planetary gearbox allows for almost any total gear ratio. With torque capabilities from 5 to 500 ft-lbs, the 6000R Series can fit even the most demanding applications.

    All 2G actuators are IP69K rated – providing total protection from water and dust ingress, and protection from steam-jet cleaning. Actuators in this series can be configured to operate in a range of environments ranging from subsea to food production.

    All units in this family have isolated RS-232, RS-485, and analog control options as standard. The 6000 Series units typical run from 48 V <-> 300 V DC.

    2G Engineering is an AS9100 certified organization.

  • Product Configurations

    The 6000 Series rotary is available in four Environmental Classes:

    • The 6700R Subsea Class utilizes our extensive deep-water design experience. Features include corrosion-resistant construction, pressure compensation for depths greater than 20,000 feet, and low-toxicity, biodegradable oil. Applications include winches, valve control, torque tools, and more.
    • The 6600R Marine Class shares many features with the 6700R class, but is only rated for shallow depth submersion.
    • The 6400R Hygienic Class features corrosion-resistant housings, IP69K washdown protection, and crevice-free sealing. These models use a food-grade H1 oil for use in food production environments.
    • The 6200R Industrial Class offers the same level of performance and servo drive features as the rest of the series, but at a better value for applications that don’t require advanced corrosion protection or other specialty features.


    Additional configuration options include output speed and force, connector, shaft style, housing material, communications protocol, and more. For more information, please contact us for a quote.

  • Testing & Verification

    Each unit sold undergoes a rigorous factory acceptance test before it leaves our facility. A copy of the test records are included with each unit.

    If a customer has specific requirements for testing, please contact us and we will be happy to adapt our procedures to meet your requirements.

  • Product Applications

    The 6000 Series rotary actuator is well-suited to a variety of applications, including:



Material Compositions

The 6000 Series rotary actuator is available for ordering in aluminum, stainless steel or titanium construction, depending on project application and requirements.


The 6000 Series meets the IP69K rating to provide total protection from water and dust ingress and steam-jet cleaning, as well as many other subsea conditions.

Hours Tested

Our dedicated team of test engineers run the actuator through a rigorous series of tests to validate performance under simulated environmental conditions.

Ft-lbs of Torque

Combine intelligence with the raw power of 500 ft-lbs maximum output force, which can be controlled via the software management system.

2G Engineering Rotary Actuators