• Subsea Power Supply

    Product Overview

    Have 120 V AC, but need 24 V DC? Our standard subsea power supplies take a Universal type AC input voltage of 85 V to 264 V single phase AC and converts it to 24 V DC. The power supplies are good for 500 W of power and 21 A of current; if higher power is required the units can be parallel connected.

    The power supplies feature remote monitoring and control and an onboard display that can be used for technician or camera feedback. Additional features include RS-232 and RS-485 data interfaces, Chasses Isolation Monitoring, Modbus control, and an ambient light sensor that can be used for providing feedback to Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicles (ROVs).

    The units can be operated in air or in a pressure-balanced oil-filled (PBOF) configuration.

    2G Engineering is an AS9100 certified organization.

  • Subsea Power Supply

    Testing & Verification

    Each unit sold undergoes a rigorous factory acceptance test before it leaves our facility. A copy of the test records are included with each unit.

    If a customer has specific requirements for testing please contact us and we will be happy to adapt our procedures to meet your requirements.

  • Subsea Power Supply

    Product Configurations

    All units feature standard MODBUS command protocol support for remote monitoring and control.

    The power supplies also feature a real time software programmable output voltage control between 22 V to 26 V DC. This allows a customer to compensate for line losses in their system at high loads.

    Three-phase input versions are available upon request. Please contact 2G Engineering for any other project specific requirements.

  • Subsea Power Supply

    Product Applications

    The Subsea Power Supply is well-suited to a variety of applications, including:


Material Compositions

The Subsea Power Supply is available for ordering in aluminum, stainless steel or titanium construction, depending on project application and requirements.
24V DC


Capable of providing 24 V DC nominal output at 20 A at depths greater than 10,000 ft. Output is software-trimmable from
21.6 V to 26.4 V


The Subsea Power Supply meets the IP69K rating to provide total protection from water and dust ingress and steam-jet cleaning, as well as many other subsea conditions.

Hours Tested

Our dedicated team of test engineers run the Subsea Power Supply through a rigorous series of tests to validate performance under simulated environmental conditions.