Now Available – 3000 Series Intelligent Rotary Actuator

We're excited to announce the newest addition to 2G Engineering's line of intelligent motion control products - the 3000 Series Rotary Actuator. Delivering a a total power output of up to 500W, this model is well-suited for a wide variety of applications including process control such as ball valves or needle valves, control surface actuation, and underwater winches.

The 3000 series has an industry standard ISO 5211 F07 mounting flange and customizable output shaft. Like all 2G actuator products, it has a fully integrated servo drive with absolute position feedback. It can configured to operate from 24V DC up to 300V DC, your choice of several popular connectors, and material options including titanium, stainless steel, and anodized aluminum. Standard communication interfaces are available: RS-232, RS-485, CANBUS, Ethernet, and analog. The units support 2G packet protocol, Modbus, and CANopen.

Features of the integrated servo drive system include persistent revolution counting, configurable motion profiling and servo PID gains, making our products easy to set up and integrate into your system. These units have a unique visual feedback indicator via a light ring mounted around the parameter which can be used to show a driver or ROV an indication of the unit's angle (good for valves), rotation spread, or system health.

All 2G actuators are IP69K rated - providing total protection from water and dust ingress, and protection for steam-jet cleaning. Actuators in this series can be configured to operate in a range of environments from subsea to food production.

See the Product Information Page to learn how the 3000 Series Rotary Actuator can fit your application.

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